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WCT has recently diversified in the realm of Software Development and has several project proposals in the offing, for development.

With our success in IT consulting, we have developed the right combination of technical expertise, functional knowledge and delivery model to effectively address an organization's software needs while optimizing their IT spending. Through a combined onsite-offshore approach we plan to provide powerful solutions that meet customer specifications, delivered on time and within budget.

Packaged Applications do not always meet the unique characteristics of a business. Custom applications are still needed to thoroughly address the IT needs of a client completely. Given the strategic importance of such applications, it is critical to build them right. Considering the gamut of decisions, and the breadth and depth of expertise needed in building such applications, it is appropriate to consider engaging with a partner whose core focus is software development.

Our main aim is to meet the clients' satisfaction at any cost and our capability in doing so has upgraded our comprehensive success and recognized us as a software development company in the global market. WCT offers a compelling value proposition based on its delivery methodology and stringent quality processes backed by a commitment to customer satisfaction.

Our proposed services will include: Product conceptualization, Prototyping, Product Development, Release Management, Product Support, Maintenance, Re-engineering to latest technologies and the development of new applications, features, extensions, enhancements, interfaces and customization of existing packages.

Re- engineering or Application Enhancements and Modernization is an opportunity for our potential clients to combine proven architectures that will increase application flexibility and scalability within their IT environment. Our team of worldwide experts will focus on modernizing applications to meet the ever-changing demands of their business. As part of the modernization process, we would audit existing applications by rationalizing and documenting the business rules. We will evaluate the database architecture, design new models, migrate code to more recent versions and merge development environments. WCT has the technology and experience to build solutions that fit our potential client's unique requirements today and in the future moving forward.

Our goal is to help continually improve the effectiveness and efficiency of IT application environments by adopting and designing re-useable software platforms. To insure our clients gain business and technical insight into the applications that run their businesses, . We research alternatives, perform detailed analyses; develop prototypes and proofs-of-concept. This approach reduces cost and allows us to explore alternatives.

Our Services will include:

Our clients are benefited with quality and efficiency we provide through our technological application and professional resource management.

The following services and solutions are offered at WCT:

  • Software Development
  • Custom-made Applications
  • Software Testing / Quality Control

Software development
is a brainstorming work comprising a quality human resource with sheer technological knowledge and programming skills. We have a very skilled, professional resource staff with strong technical knowledge to address the complexities and usefulness of each project. Software development in WCT will be carried out on both Windows and LINUX / UNIX platforms. We will basically concentrate on Java based technologies to meet client requirements and to keep up with latest developments in the software market.

Custom-made Applications
Custom Software is one that is developed for a specific purpose within an organization and is unique in function and specific to that organization only. Some particular customized work may be also outsourced to service providers to limit the overhead expenses and pressure of work within an enterprise. The development staff at WCT is well exposed to cost and time effective solutions to custom-based applications. We already have vast experience in achieving target in these applications. Our professionals are well acquainted with the recently developed and widely used technologies thus delivering quality output. WCT has keen experience working in both Internet and client-server applications.

In 2008 we initiated an ambitious project to develop a Software Application, targeting the Banking, Financial & Trading Industry Globally. "When fully deployed it will provide a management & monitoring frame work which will help in monitoring different day to day components of Banking/Financial Institutions. This project test phase is expected to be completed by March 2011.

Software Testing
In today's competitive market, it is necessary to develop quality software product to meet the customer satisfaction and to sustain in the long run. Testing of a particular product before releasing it into the market by checking for errors and to enhance its efficiency and further modifications to enhance the quality is so prevailing. Apart from software development, we also specialize in custom specific software testing by our widely experienced testing team. Software testing services at WCT include testing of web-based applications, custom made applications and testing in various e-commerce and other IT based applications.

With our depth of knowledge and expertise it is our goal to provide cost-effective solutions to even the most complex problems I.T problems.